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Need to expand production, modernize, or automate your process? Agilitech specializes in these areas and more. In fact, we’ve been helping food and beverage customers optimize their processes for over a decade. And we can help you do the same. Talk to us about your next project.

Let Agilitech help you evaluate your next facility or process improvement project.

At Agilitech, we understand the complexities of food and beverage production, how to ensure food safety and a safe work environment, as well as the compliance and regulatory issues that you face. If you need help with a facility improvement project or are looking to expand your facility, our expert team of engineers is ready to help. We will evaluate your project, work collaboratively to find the best fit solution, and have the knowledge and experience to see it through to completion. Let us work with you to evaluate your next project. Here’s a small sampling of how we can help:

System Evaluations

  • Throughput
  • Bottlenecks
  • CIP improvements
  • Water usage
  • Water treatment
  • Air usage
  • Utility power – waste to energy, solar, cogeneration

Compliance and Regulatory Issues

  • Water permits
  • Air permits
  • Safety program
  • Safety training
  • NFPA 70E compliance
  • Arc flash study

Safety Issues

  • Evaluation of process, equipment, or personnel safety
  • Food safety
  • Machine safety

Equipment Upgrade / Modernization

  • Evaluate specific process or equipment
  • Control system upgrades


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Agilitech’s customer-centric approach to projects results in the best fit solution and ensures that our customers meet – and often exceed – their project goals.

Our customers are at the forefront of our process. Because every customer’s process and challenges are unique, so is our approach to developing a solution. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to understand your needs and desired outcomes. Our collaborative pre-project planning process ensures that all options are considered and we move forward with the best fit solution.


  • Stakeholders meeting
  • Define project, constraints, critical success factors
  • Produce framing document


  • Obtain site information
  • Brainstorm options; prepare high-level budgets/schedules
  • Test for fit with success criteria


  • Detail preferred options and prioritize
  • Narrow budget/schedule for preferred options
  • Align with customer management

Detail Preferred Option

  • Prepare preliminary PFDs, single lines, equipment specifications
  • Budget for FEED

Complete solutions for Food & Beverage production and processes

Agilitech has an experienced and highly skilled team of engineers, project managers, and other industry professionals dedicated to the Food & Beverage industry. Learn about our full range of services. Download more information.

Success Stories in Food & Beverage Production

Every day, we collaborate with our customers to solve their unique problems, applying knowledge and wisdom based on decades of experience. Download some of our project success stories to learn how we’ve partnered with our customers to:

  • Modernize Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Reduce OSHA Incidents
  • Increase Throughput
  • Increase Line Efficiency
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Save 63 Million Gallons of Water Annually
  • And more!

Facility Design & Construction

PDF (1.3 MB)
Increased capabilities, exceeding food production throughput goals.

Water Recovery Project

PDF (997 KB) Implemented system to reuse 65% of facility’s water, saving ~63 million gallons annually.

Bottling Line Design

PDF (674 KB) Increased line efficiencies and reduced OSHA incidents.

Processing/Packaging Line Redesign and Relocation

PDF (795 KB) Improved product quality, increased line efficiencies, reduced waste.

Aseptic Packaging Line

PDF (314 KB) Improved CIP system capacity, pack line efficiency, food safety.

Complete Processing Line Replacement

PDF (433 KB)
Redesigned and replaced food processor’s equipment during a limited window of 6 weeks.

Here’s what our customers are saying

“We enlisted Agilitech to provide mechanical engineering, installation and programming solutions for the addition of ingredients into our existing process. The team delivered a clear and successful turnkey solution, with comprehensive project management from start to finish. The scope of the work was clearly defined, and 3D modeling made it easy to visualize for all parties involved. The project was completed on time and within budget, as promised, and the quality of the work was exceptional.”

– Food Manufacturing Plant Manager

“Agilitech provided a system and program that is well designed and requires minimal maintenance, and all operators were able to run the program within a week. Agilitech has an excellent team, with in-depth food processing knowledge, and they were flexible and accommodating when it came to working around our busy schedule. All in all, Agilitech provided an outstanding and professional service, and a reliable system that has increased our capacity to meet our customers’ demands.”

– Food Manufacturing Plant Manager

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