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Safety Services

At Agilitech, safety is our highest priority. We are committed to the safety of our own employees, as well as our partners and clients, and this means creating a culture that promotes safety and efficiency across everything we do.

We strive for zero incidents in the workplace, and have developed and implemented over 100 SOPs for common work. We facilitate weekly monitoring of Near Hit Near Miss and Stop Work Authority information, Safety Audits, Behavior Based Safety data, and Assessments to help implement corrective actions when needed. We require all new employees to go through extensive safety training, Short Service Employee onboard process, as well as continual safety training as defined by the scope of work, and we stress the importance of both on-the-job practices and home activities.

Contractor & Construction Safety

Our Safety Team works with contractors to provide the most contemporary safety services in the market today. No matter what the construction industry or size of organization, our safety professionals will deliver the customized, flexible, state-of-the-art safety services to protect our clients, eliminate injuries, mitigate risk, reduce insurance costs, and ensure compliance with federal and state worker safety rules. Our safety professionals bring extensive experience in a broad range of construction disciplines and situations, applying these insights and practices to each client’s unique needs.

Behavioral Based Safety

Our Injury & Illness Prevention Program includes an effective Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) program, using positive reinforcement to maintain safe behaviors and eliminate unsafe behaviors. This includes employee participation for continuous improvement, hazard/task analysis to identify critical safety (safe and at-risk) behaviors, and feedback to reinforce safe behaviors.

Our BBS team name is STRONG:
Observations, Navigation, & Guidance

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