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Dehydration Facility Expansion

The Problem

An oil and gas client requested our help as they needed to expand their oil and water processing plant. With all oil production, the bulk of the fluid produced is water. In Kern County, water makes up roughly 90% of the produced fluids. This water needs to be separated from the oil and then cleaned before it can be used again. The plant expansion would increase the water processing from 500,000 bpd water to 1,000,000 bpd. In order to make this possible, multiple vessels and equipment would need to be added, and the client enlisted Agilitech to design and implement the best solution.

Our Solution

We identified the new vessels and equipment required to expand the plant’s capacity so that it would be able to handle 1,000,000 bpd, including a free water knockout (FWKO) vessel, an induced static flotation vessel, and a produced water surge tank.

We then faced the challenge of fitting the new equipment into the existing areas and tying it into the existing piping, while minimizing disruption to the plant’s ongoing operations.

The Results

Agilitech was able to identify exactly what was needed for this specific expansion, and to integrate this new equipment into the existing systems. The team was able to achieve all of this while also keeping the plant operational as much as possible, so there was minimal interruption. Despite the challenges, the plant’s processing capacity was increased to the required 1,000,000 bpd, and the process was efficient, smooth and successful.