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Biofuels Electrical & Controls System Design

The Problem

A company formed by businessmen and local dairymen was looking for a solution to capture the gases created in the wash-off from the dairies to sell to gas utility companies.

A solution was engineered through the collaboration of three local engineering firms to capture the gas (digesters), design a plant (conditioning plant) at each dairy to clean up the gas, design a gathering system to tie multiple dairies together, and design a plant (upgrader plant) to further clean up the gathered gas and pressurize it for injecting into the utility pipeline. After the FEED engineering was completed, a general construction contractor was selected to provide detailed engineering services, construction, and start-up of these systems in multiple locations in the San Joaquin Valley, and Agilitech was brought on board to complete the electrical and controls system design.

Our Solution

Agilitech is now working for the general construction contractor to provide detailed electrical and automation engineering, as well as panel fabrication, for the conditioning plants at all of the dairies.

In close collaboration with the contractor, Agilitech is working to engineer, program, and commission each dairy within the deadline. To reduce timelines, a typical engineering package was created for all components that are not site specific. The electrical room was designed to utilize a sea train to provide offsite fabrication capabilities.

The Results

This project has funding from government grants, which means a tight schedule for engineering, construction and start-up. The agility of our approach, and the scope of experience within our team, means we are able to meet these challenges head on and play a crucial role in this innovative collaboration.