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Rocket Test Stand Deluge System

Mojave Space Port Facility

The Problem

In order to facilitate the testing of larger rocket engines, a company at the Mojave Space port facility needed to increase the capacity of the existing deluge system on the rocket test stand.

Our Solution

The Agilitech Mechanical Engineering team collaborated with the client to design an upgraded deluge system: this upgrade allowed larger quanitites of water at the test stand to maintain the integrity of the equipment, while it also generated larger amounts of heat with larger engines.

The deluge system was installed within a compact area; tthe constraints to the piping system required the use of 3D modeling in conjunction with hydraulic calculations and modeling to ensure that the hydraulilcs of the system allowed for the necessary water capacity. Critical to the operation of the system were the piping supports, which enabled the system to remain in place while deluging the water at the required pressures.

The Results

Because of the Agilitech “see success through the eyes of the customer” approach to the problem, the deluge system made it possible for the next phase of testing at the site for the larger rocket engines. The collaborative relationship with the client throughout the project allowed the Agilitech team to discuss further upgrades to the site — and they are proceeding with additional improvements and optimizations to the testing facility.