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Water Recovery Project

Condensed Milk Facility

The Problem

In an effort to minimize water consumption from the city water supply and help with ongoing California drought concerns, the Modesto facility decided to install a system to reuse the existing water supply — ultimately reducing the need for city water.

Our Solution

The Agilitech Food and Beverage team worked with the client to generate the current water mapping, as this first step would help define the needs and properly size the system. From there it was determined that the client could capture waste cooling water, filter it, remove any oil and contaminants, and then cool it for reuse.

After working through the budget phase of the project and justifying the return on investment (ROI), the Agilitech team delivered a detailed design package to collect and process the cooling water, including: an oil separator; a set of buffer tanks; a multi-cell cooling tower; all pumps, piping, and instrumentation needed to integrate the system.

Because of the complexity of project and the need to integrate multiple vendor packages, the Modesto facility awarded construction management to the Agilitech team. This made for a smooth transition from the engineering phase into the construction phase — with Agilitech managing the entire installation, including start up, commissioning, and debugging of the entire system.

The Results

With the Agilitech team employing good engineering practices, the facility now reuses 65% of their existing water, saving the city approximately 63 million gallons annually.

Inspired by the ability of the Agilitech Food and Beverage team to understand the needs of the customer and move from conceptualizing to implementing the solution, this project has prompted the company to find additional ways to save water consumption — with a goal to get 100% of their water needs without drawing on local sources.

Water Recovery Project
Water Project Project