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Jordan Stockton

Chief Operating Officer

Jordan has been a critical business leader throughout the growth of Innovative Engineering Systems and its evolution into Agilitech, ensuring consistency of service, financial strength, and operating efficiency. During the last decade, the company has grown rapidly through several mergers and acquisitions, as well as the formation of new industry-focused divisions, such as biotech. During this period, Jordan has been responsible for implementing the business systems and best practices to successfully integrate these companies and new divisions.

Jordan implemented the company’s SAP business management system to improve operations and streamline financial and reporting capabilities. He led the integration of high-powered applications, facilitating customized reporting and access to a wealth of data for analyzing project progress and productivity. Through this transition, Jordan’s knowledge and experience of world-class systems, infrastructure and best practices helped to establish the company as a formidable industry leader.

During the TSM merger in 2013, Jordan was invaluable in bringing together two companies with very different processes and approaches. Taking on the role of Director of Engineering, he established a consistent set of processes that would consolidate the key strengths and best practices of both. He was instrumental in realizing a cohesive engineering unit that could deliver seamless solutions throughout the entire engineering lifecycle, which involved the establishment of a new organizational structure to ensure an efficient and supportive service for clients. Again, in 2018, the success of the ESI merger was driven by Jordan’s expertise in both strategic and organic M&A.

Rooted in the principles of growth and accountability, Jordan is committed to effective and transparent client engagement, and the successful execution of high performance growth strategies. He motivates and leads a success-oriented management team with vision and tenacity, and has a profound ability to involve, motivate and elevate those around him to push for innovative solutions. He embodies both technical excellence and communication “soft-skills” that enable him to understand and relate to people at every organizational level. Jordan’s tenacity, attention to detail, and analytical mind make him a relentless problem-solver and a powerful asset.

Education & Technical Skills:

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Oklahoma
  • Licensed PE EE
  • Electrical and control systems engineering
  • Project management
  • ETAP Electrical Power Systems Analysis Software Certified
  • PLC programming and design
  • ISA 84 SIS Fundamentals Specialist