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Overhead Power Line Work

The Problem

Agilitech was called out in an emergency as high winds had caused an overhead primary line to go phase to phase, resulting in damage to the conductors and a cross arm. This had caused the middle phase to bust, shutting down the client’s power all together, so they needed it restored urgently and safely.

Our Solution

Our crews were out on their regular assignment so our Manager took the call and made all the necessary arrangements. The pole was not accessible by a bucket truck, which meant we were going to have to climb it to perform the required work. The Manager created a job safety plan, assembled the necessary materials, and hand-selected the pole climber and crew. We mobilized immediately, planned the best solution considering terrain and sequence of re-energizing, installed a jumper, and got power restored.

The Results

With a fast response, effective communication, careful planning, and specialized skill, we worked the plan without incident and restored the power quickly and safely. The client was very appreciative and commended us on our attention to detail, safety, and flexibility.