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Relocate, Redesign, and Install Processing/Packaging Line

Ice Cream Food Manufacturing

The Problem

In order to successfully relocate an existing processing and packaging line from a facility in Salt Lake City, the Bakersfield facility required help devising a capital expense budget and execution plan.

Our Solution

The Agilitech team collaborated with the Bakersfield team to complete multiple design iterations along with budgets for possible concepts. This allowed the client to select the best fit for their current and future operational needs. Key factors in relocating the line to the new plant location required the team to look at line efficiencies and product quality issues — both short term and long term.
Agilitech provided process flow diagrams along with materials flow analysis to properly size the ancillary equipment that would support the new location. The project included upgrading several of the SKU’s with ingredients and upgrading several of the key components used in the processing of this product. To address the line efficiencies and product quality issues, the packaging equipment was rearranged and redesigned; these updates would reduce the hand pack operations and improve throughput compared with its original installation configuration.

The Results

The Agilitech “concept to completion” approach resulted in successfully reconfiguring and reinstalling the processing line in the new Bakersfield location. The facility now reaps the benefits of improved product quality, increased line efficiencies, and a reduction in waste as well as labor costs.

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